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why organics?

Certified Organic Produce is that grown under the rules of one of the certifying bodies accredited by AQIS. This means it is grown and processed without the use of artificial fertilisers, pesticides, weedicides or growth regulators. The farming methods are sustainable in nature with crops grown in the most natural way possible.

Under the organic standards food irradiation or genetic engineering is Prohibited.

The whole Organic industry is in a growth phase, as people everywhere are becoming more aware of the great dangers of agricultural and industrial chemicals. The number of people willing to try organic food is increasing; people want their food to taste good again.

In Australia, the certifying bodies for organic produce include the National Association of Sustainable Agriculture Australia, Biological Farmers of Australia, Organic Herb Growers Australia Inc and the Organic Vignerons Association of Australia Inc..

Look for these logos to ensure that the produce you buy is certified organic or bio-dynamic!

what about bio-dynamics?

Bio-dynamic farming is often claimed to be a more advanced form of organic agriculture. At its essence is the creation and maintenance of a living, structured soil. Bio-dynamic methods were initially developed by Dr. Rudolf Steiner (yes, the same chap who created the Steiner Schools). For more information, visit the Bio-dynamic Farming and Gardening Association in Australia.

In Australia, the certifying bodies for Bio-dynamic produce are Demeter and Biological Farmers of Australia.

11 reasons to go organic or biodynamic



Last updated 30 Mar 2010